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Italy is often conferred with the title of being the most enticing country in Europe. With its irresistible food to the mesmerizing architecture, the diverse scenery and not to forget the peerless art, Italy manages to capture every visitor’s fancy in no time at all. We at booking-in-italy.com are here to help you get accommodation that fits your budget to get the most out of your wonderful trip to our beautiful country. Italy offered a wide range of activities from the casual visitor to the diehard art enthusiast.

A first time visitor to Italy can easily be overwhelmed with all that Italy has to offer. This is where we can help you out. We can turn your trip into a memorable experience giving you a taste of the authentic Italy that will have you craving to come back as soon as possible.

Short Trip Ideas
If you are short on time, we suggest you stick to the main three places- Rome, Venice and Florence. A week is more than enough to waltz through these lovely places. You can spend a day or two in Rome to indulge in the various delights it offers. Take a walk through the historical Colosseum or the ancient ruins of Palatino or the Sacred St Peter’s and then finally a trip to the Vatican Museums. You can try your luck at the Trevi Fountain by making a wish and end the trip by shopping for souvenirs in the narrow lanes nearby. If you love taking photographs or selfies, don’t miss out on the Spanish Steps.

If you are a wine lover, visiting Florence will be like taking a trip to heaven as you go cherry picking through the beautiful fields of Tuscany. The art in the galleries in Florence will have you awestruck with their delightful frescoes and gorgeous paintings. Be sure to visit Michelangelo’s David before you go of the next leg of the trip. If you would rather spend a day or two drinking wine in picturesque rolling hills, Florence is the place for you. The landscapes of Tuscany have been a muse for many a visitor here.

Prepare to be bewitched by the exquisite Venice. Take a ride in the famous gondolas as you get your view of this gorgeous city in all its glory. The Basilica di San Marco will capture your sense of delight as you keep taking photographs all around you. The Venetian architecture is worthy of taking a day to walk through the streets and simply stare at these beautiful building. Make sure to take a map along unless you want to get lost amid one of the four hundred bridges and over a hundred canals.

Have You Got More Time To Explore Italy?
If you plan on extending your trip to take in all the other delights Italy has to offer you, do not forget to take a visit to the charming Naples. Naples is a UNESCO recognized historic site with plenty of Greco-Roman artefacts on display in the archeological museums. A history buff will enjoy walking through the corridors of these museums which are filed with antiqued from a long gone civilization. If you are interested in learning more about ancient Rome, Pompei is the next stop on your itinerary. The gigantic wall paintings give an in-depth look at the lives of the yonder days. Milan is another beautiful spot in Italy that should not be missed.

We take care of all your accommodation and stay requirements in each of these beautiful towns and cities enabling you to make the most out of your holidays. Give us a call, and we will customize an itinerary to suit your requirement. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to visit Italy!