July 9, 2018

Italy –Perfect Landscape To Host An Indian Wedding

The English playwright Shakespeare had chosen Italy as the venue for his most romantic creation Romeo and Juliet. It is rightly called the land of love and what could be the most apt location to tie the knot than in Italy! Passionate and timeless love stories were created on this land. So, go ahead and claim your own with a breathtaking wedding celebration right here in marvellous Italy! Many foreign nationals, intending to bind themselves in the bond of matrimony, have found their way to the land of La Dolce Vita, here where the cupid reigns supreme! This is the perfect landscape to host a romantically-themed wedding and it continues to be the perfect spot for the perfect honeymoon. The country is divided into Northern, Central and Southern regions including mesmerizing islands, each capable of according a splendid backdrop to the wedding. Spectacular Indian Wedding in the land of La Dolce Vita Recently, we had the privilege of seeing an exotic Indian wedding, up close and personal. Truly an extravagant affair, this event brought home the fact that there are several intricate factors that need to be dealt with while planning Indian-themed weddings in an European setting like ours. One […]
May 2, 2018
best wedding planners in Chennai,

Why Hiring Wedding Planners Can Be An Advantage

A wedding isn’t a piece of cake by any means. There is so much at stake and more so if it is in the urban world. Especially in India where we are witnessing a healthy mix of cultures and trends, there is more on the cards when it comes to planning a wedding on a grand scale. This is where wedding planners are being seen as ‘god sent’! With some of the best wedding planners in Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other metros, life has become a little easy for folks who have a wedding in the house. So, What Makes them Advantageous? – They are cost-effective – Saves you the hassle of running from pillar to post – They take care of all and sundry thereby ensuring you are stress-free – Save you a lot of time therefore you can concentrate on things that matter a great deal – Make the Wedding a Happy Memory You can concentrate more on the couple and the people who are sure to overwhelm you. With some able names in the industry today, we can also trust them to take good care of those who attend the wedding so that every single one of […]
March 30, 2018

Why Is the Work Of Poet Kanimozhi So Vital?

When it comes to the number of women working in the Indian Parliament, the number is shockingly low. It is even lower than UAE when it comes to women representatives while India stands a little above 9%, UAE has more than 22%. But, there is a single silvery line of hope. Each year the number grows – slowly yet steadily with most of these women being below the age of forty. One such brilliant woman and politician cutting a swath in the world of women empowerment is Muthuvel Kanimozhi. Why are women like Kanimozhi and their work vital to the country? India is known to have the worst record when it comes to treatment of females. The only way to bring a change is to have more individuals like the Tamil Nadu’s MP and Kanimozhi’s spouse, G. Aravindaan. It is through their work to empower women and transgender people that the odds against them lessen. Right from the time of birth, girls and women are discriminated. They are malnourished, denied education, suppressed and violated. The only authentic and genuine way to encourage women is via the advocates like Kanimozhi. There was a time when rural development portfolio was considered as […]
March 29, 2018

The Best Places That Speak Of Italian Art And Culture

Italy is the hub of tourist places that depict both the modern and ancient cultures. Places like Rome, Florence, etc. are the most visited places and the website www.wantedinrome.com/news/rome-12th-most-visited-city-in-world.html speaks about the best places to visit if you are planning a trip to Italy. Urbino and Ravenna: These two cities are known as the art capitals of Italy. The city of Ravenna is famous for Byzantine mosaics. The museum of Galla Placidia is known for the antiques of Byzantine mosaics. The church of San Vitale is a significant tourist attraction. Urbino is located in the hills and is known for the ducal palace and Le Marche national gallery which houses famous paintings by Raphael, Titian, Uccello, and Barocci. The tour led by the historian Dr.Luca Leoncini is the best. Ferrara: This northern city of Italy has a urban look with wide streets, and the atmosphere rejuvenates with street parties. The places to look for here are Palazzo Schifanoia- the house of frescoes, Estense castle, Palazzo dei Diamanti. World-class exhibitions are held in the cathedral. The international journalism festival held in October draws a lot of people. Bottega del Tintoretto: Tintoretto was a very famous artist during the sixteenth century. Besides […]
March 15, 2018

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