Why Is the Work Of Poet Kanimozhi So Vital?

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DMK MP Kanimozhi with her husband G Aravindan surrounded by press and media persons

When it comes to the number of women working in the Indian Parliament, the number is shockingly low. It is even lower than UAE when it comes to women representatives while India stands a little above 9%, UAE has more than 22%. But, there is a single silvery line of hope. Each year the number grows – slowly yet steadily with most of these women being below the age of forty. One such brilliant woman and politician cutting a swath in the world of women empowerment is Muthuvel Kanimozhi.

Why are women like Kanimozhi and their work vital to the country? India is known to have the worst record when it comes to treatment of females. The only way to bring a change is to have more individuals like the Tamil Nadu’s MP and Kanimozhi’s spouse, G. Aravindaan. It is through their work to empower women and transgender people that the odds against them lessen. Right from the time of birth, girls and women are discriminated. They are malnourished, denied education, suppressed and violated. The only authentic and genuine way to encourage women is via the advocates like Kanimozhi.

There was a time when rural development portfolio was considered as a lowly post by Indian leaders. Thanks to the renowned poet and her work in rural Tamil Nadu to assist in job opportunities for the younger generation in small towns and villages, the post is now a coveted one. With her constant work and effort, Kanimozhi has made supporting women and rural India the latest trend. Though young leaders have made social justice for women and the suppressed their calling card, females are still the most underutilized resource.
There is no denying the fact that more and more women are seeking employment in both metropolitan cities and villages. Yet many are not paid as much as their male counterparts or promoted to positions that their skills demand. It is here where the work, causes and stand of women leaders like Muthuvel step in. Kanimozhi declares that women should fight against this injustice. From sexual abuse in a workplace to better pay and privacy, the poet is an active promoter of it all.

Her work and activism have definitely created a change. While women are given more opportunities to do a man’s job, men are taking over a woman’s. More and more young men are becoming aware of their duty to help n child rearing while the woman focuses on her career. The decisive nature of household chores has altered. But are the social measures being taken and legislative channels that are opened enough to make the position of women in the country better?

Do women feel empowered? Do they feel safe enough? Do they know that they are treated equally not only in professional capacity but society as a whole? Do they feel comfortable enough to put words to their desires and wishes without any repercussions? These questions still need to be answered before the work of poet Kanimozhi can be considered successful.

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