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Over 58 million tourists visit Italy. Every year. When taken internationally, it is the 5th most visited country in the world — designing even to question why such a massive influx of vacationers is foolhardy. The land is rich with culture, art, fashion, history and not to forget delicious cuisine. It is one of the few places on Earth that a person can visit and get to see a beautiful coastline and majestic mountains. From talcum powder beaches to peaks that rise up high and keep you in awe, the landscape of Italy is breath-taking.

Did you know that the land of wine boosts more World Heritage Sites than any other place on earth? No wonder tourism in Italy is worth beyond €189 billion.

What information the site provides ?

But the immense value of the nation is not what got this website started. It was the beauty of the country that goaded us to create a platform where anyone could find information on:

  • All the tourist hotspots in Italy.
  • The must-see sites for first-time visitors.
  • Which places are perfect for holiday and which hotspots teeming with vacationers?
    If we consider helping explorers plan their getaways to Italy as one perspective of our story, the other is a cornucopia of information on the wonders of Italy such as:
  • The architecture of its priceless ancient monuments
  • The interior design inspirations Italy evokes
  • The world-class spa massage centres in the country

Asserting that Italy is an impressive place to take a short trip is trivializing its value. For decades, the nation has motivated others to raise their benchmark. When you walk down the streets of Florence, you realise what it takes to create architecture that leaves you spell-bound. Architecture firms around the world need to emulate it. When you stroll through the roads of Milan, you see what fashion means. It is more than clothes; it is healthy and glowing skin.

Because we appreciate all that the Italians have to offer the world, we created the platform with two objectives. One, to give out as much information as possible about the holidaying in Italy. Through the site, one can learn where to start with La Bella Italia and collect information on the ruins of Rome, the romantic canals of Venice, the luxury wedding villas of Tuscany and the gorgeous art galleries of Florence.

Two, to talk about how the country inspires others. The glamorous beaches of the Mediterranean coast are home to the best spas in the world. The gothic architecture of the entire country is a marvel to behold.