Italian Art And Culture

March 29, 2018
Image of The Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge, Venice

The Best Places That Speak Of Italian Art And Culture

Italy is the hub of tourist places that depict both the modern and ancient cultures. Places like Rome, Florence, etc. are the most visited places in Italy. Best Places To Visit in Italy Urbino and Ravenna: These two cities are known as the art capitals of Italy. The city of Ravenna is famous for Byzantine mosaics. The museum of Galla Placidia is known for the antiques of Byzantine mosaics. The church of San Vitale is a significant tourist attraction. Urbino is located in the hills and is known for the ducal palace and Le Marche national gallery which houses famous paintings by Raphael, Titian, Uccello, and Barocci. The tour led by the historian Dr.Luca Leoncini is the best. Ferrara: This northern city of Italy has a urban look with wide streets, and the atmosphere rejuvenates with street parties. The places to look for here are Palazzo Schifanoia- the house of frescoes, Estense castle, Palazzo dei Diamanti. World-class exhibitions are held in the cathedral. The international journalism festival held in October draws a lot of people. Bottega del Tintoretto: Tintoretto was a very famous artist during the sixteenth century. Besides his house, there is a workshop that runs even today. Spaces […]