June 27, 2017

Take A Vacation To Italy To Experience the Musica Dei Popoli

More than 35 years ago the Musica dei Popoli was birthed in Florence, Italy as a place where the beauty of music from all over the world can be shared with people. It was one of the first few music festivals in the world that promoted ethnic music cultures. Artists from all over the planet are invited so that the European people can listen to the voice of even the farthest located cultures. Five continents, eighty nations and three hundred and more singers, performers and musicians have been given a platform with this Italian music festival. Musica dei Popoli is held for a week every year. This ethnic and folk music festival that promotes the musical heritage of a variety of groups and celebrates the cultural differences in traditional world music. Each country that is represented in the festival uses their own organizers and event management companies so as to maintain the authenticity of the experience. These events are planned by many top corporate event organizers like Kiyoh, Chennai, Eventique in New York, First Protocol in London, etc. The whole event has pure cultural touch with this strategy. The aim is to prove to the world that music is just […]