February 9, 2018

Italy –Perfect Landscape To Host An Indian Wedding

The English playwright Shakespeare had chosen Italy as the venue for his most romantic creation Romeo and Juliet. It is rightly called the land of love and what could be the most apt location to tie the knot than in Italy! Passionate and timeless love stories were created on this land. So, go ahead and claim your own with a breathtaking wedding celebration right here in marvellous Italy! Many foreign nationals, intending to bind themselves in the bond of matrimony, have found their way to the land of La Dolce Vita, here where the cupid reigns supreme! This is the perfect landscape to host a romantically-themed wedding and it continues to be the perfect spot for the perfect honeymoon. The country is divided into Northern, Central and Southern regions including mesmerizing islands, each capable of according a splendid backdrop to the wedding. Spectacular Indian Wedding in the land of La Dolce Vita Recently, we had the privilege of seeing an exotic Indian wedding, up close and personal. Truly an extravagant affair, this event brought home the fact that there are several intricate factors that need to be dealt with while planning Indian-themed weddings in an European setting like ours. One […]