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June 27, 2017
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The English playwright Shakespeare had chosen Italy as the venue for his most romantic creation Romeo and Juliet. It is rightly called the land of love and what could be the most apt location to tie the knot than in Italy! Passionate and timeless love stories were created on this land. So, go ahead and claim your own with a breathtaking wedding celebration right here in marvellous Italy!

Many foreign nationals, intending to bind themselves in the bond of matrimony, have found their way to the land of La Dolce Vita, here where the cupid reigns supreme! This is the perfect landscape to host a romantically-themed wedding and it continues to be the perfect spot for the perfect honeymoon. The country is divided into Northern, Central and Southern regions including mesmerizing islands, each capable of according a splendid backdrop to the wedding.

Spectacular Indian Wedding in the land of La Dolce Vita

Image Shows That The Happiest Bride and Groom in their WeddingRecently, we had the privilege of seeing an exotic Indian wedding, up close and personal. Truly an extravagant affair, this event brought home the fact that there are several intricate factors that need to be dealt with while planning Indian-themed weddings in an European setting like ours.

One of our jobs was to book the venue for the event, and this task opened our eyes to the immense level of planning that needs to be in place before we could do that! Places like Rome, Apulia and Tuscany are some of the unforgettable destinations for an Indian-style wedding in Italy. If you prefer a serene lake-side ceremony, opt for places like Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Bracciano and Lake Como to commemorate your union. For countryside-styled weddings, choose Rome, Venice, Milan, Bari, Verona and Turin. For warmer destinations choose Apulia. These destinations are a perfect fit for large-size Indian weddings.

Events Galore For A High Voltage Indian Wedding

The Indian wedding is generally a three-day celebration. Indian weddings, apparently, have a whole lot of rituals to follow, most of which start days before the wedding. The festivities are set in an high voltage environment. Pre-wedding events like the Sangeeth and Mehndi involves good food, kicking your feet on the dance-floor, crooning and more. The wedding arrangements are elaborate with a sparkle of vibrant colours, lights, flowers, decors and more. Coordinating an Indian wedding in a country like Italy, needs immense skill and commitment. The ceremony is elaborate and every detailing has to be brought into the original context.

Stunning Flower Decoration For Wedding – Spreading The Fragrance Of Love

Flowers form an integral part of the Indian wedding, and a typical Indian wedding sees the use of flowers almost everywhere at the venue. We were left enraptured by the flower decoration which was the cynosure of all eyes. Even the blushing bride, bedecked in a classic Indian attire called the Sari, had white jasmine flowers covering her hair! The bride and groom exchange thick, colourful flower garlands towards the end of the ritual, thereby strengthening their vows and cementing their commitment to each other.

The Recipe For A Successful Wedding

The success of a wedding lies in listening to the requirements of the couple. Realizing their desire and dreams is the role of the wedding planner and this can be achieved only through systematic planning. Wedding planners are a vital asset, as they can arrange the perfect wedding celebrations in the most spectacular fashion. Expert wedding planners take care of all the arrangements to make the wedding a grand success. They are essential, as they bring about more success, thanks to the immense level of effort they put in. They plan every detail, even the minor ones.

I noticed some of the missed factors that could have alleviated the entire ceremony look and taken the feel to next level. For example, though the bride was beautifully adorned it was more of western look and makeup. Costumes and makeup plays an important role in Indian weddings as they are the icons of Indian tradition. They could have adopted for a complete traditional Indian look by booking a native makeup artist. The bridal makeup artists in Chennai and bridal makeup artists in Mumbai are the best ones to call for a destination wedding as they are willing travel overseas for their clients. Likewise for the costumes they could have picked them from famous Chennai based designers like The Fair Lady Designer from Diadem Wedding Gown, Chennai , Chaitanya Rao and so on.

Creating the perfect Indian wedding is a task that needs not just expertise, but creativity as well. Hopefully, more wedding couples from India will think of Italy when they decide to get married. It will give us Italians the unique opportunity to learn new aspects of an ancient and revered culture from the East.

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