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May 20, 2017
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More than 35 years ago the Musica dei Popoli was birthed in Florence, Italy as a place where the beauty of music from all over the world can be shared with people. It was one of the first few music festivals in the world that promoted ethnic music cultures. Artists from all over the planet are invited so that the European people can listen to Image That Shows That Italy Summer Music Festivalthe voice of even the farthest located cultures. Five continents, eighty nations and three hundred and more singers, performers and musicians have been given a platform with this Italian music festival.

Musica dei Popoli is held for a week every year. This ethnic and folk music festival that promotes the musical heritage of a variety of groups and celebrates the cultural differences in traditional world music. Each country that is represented in the festival uses their own organizers and event management companies so as to maintain the authenticity of the experience. These events are planned by many top corporate event organizers like Kiyoh, Chennai, Eventique in New York, First Protocol in London, etc. The whole event has pure cultural touch with this strategy. The aim is to prove to the world that music is just not limited to rock, jazz, blues, American pop and sundry. Folk music and music of each culture is just as much part of it. It is not sub par to the western music but enrichment.

Give A Corporate Touch To The Festival With Best Corporate Event Organisers

The music festival has been the pioneer in introducing to the public of Italy some of the most rarely known artists and music of the world like:

  • Kazaks from Central Asia
  • Tungusi from Siberia
  • African Ethnic groups like Babfut, Dogon etc.

From India both Zakir Hussain and Hariprasad Chaurasia have visited the music festival to initiate the Italian people to the world of classical Hindu music. The talented Shivkumar Sharma from Kashmir known for his sufiana kalam has also performed at the festival. Even the world renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has graced the festival to sing his soulful and heart touching qawwali. From soloists to whole bands playing instrumental music or an ensemble of vocal artists – the festival celebrated music, dance and theatre. It is an all inclusive experience that promotes diversity and culture in music. The organisers work towards the complete immersion of the listener so that the experience is treasured for always.

Performed at the F.L.O.G centre, the music also promotes and celebrates artists from various countries like Japan and Iran to render their traditional music to the audience. Apart from musical soiree some of the events in the weeklong festival are dedicated to other arts like theatre and dance. One of the performing arts events is devoted to sound and movement. From Kerala, Kathakali has been performed a number of times because it is one of the few true example of total art as it comprises of dance, music, movement and acting.

Event Organizers Create The Best Music Festival

What started as a place for the artist to showcase their talent to a new and uninitiated audience from any part of the Image That Shows The Best Summer Music Festival in Italyworld has now transformed into a theme based festival. Earlier artists from different origins were boosted to perform in the celebration. Now each year a specific theme or thread is chosen and singers, musicians, dancers and various performers of that specific idea/ culture/geography are presented in the festival.

When artists and performers hailing from India perform at the Musica Dei Popoli, their events are planned by some of the top event management companies in the nation. Being a part of this once in a lifetime experience opens opportunity like nothing else. So book your tickets, travel to Florence and enjoy an event where a world of culture and heritage meet from the remotest part of the world. Besides just sightseeing the beautiful vistas of Italy explore the most out of the box festival. Mingle with just not few, but many other people hailing from different parts of the world and get to know their culture in a unique way that almost impossible to replicate. The entire event is par-excellence the likes of which will rarely be found. Book your accommodation and be fortunate enough to be able to immerse yourself in such an experience and learn from it.

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