Things to do in Italy

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February 28, 2019
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Inspiring Italian Style Home Décor Ideas
April 2, 2019
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Things Everyone Should Do in Italy

Explore the Valley of the temples

If you are visiting the charming Sicily during your Italy tour, then you need to stop at the Valley of the Temples. It is situated in Agrigento. It is a place where you can find large archeological complex and several intact Doric temples. The temples are said to be built during the 5th century. The main attraction in this spot is the temples oversee the town beneath and you can witness stunning views as you go around the historical site.

Image of Climb Mount VesuviusClimb Mount Vesuvius

One of the most popular mountains in the world is Mount Vesuvius. It is popular for its eruption which covered the unsuspicious city of Pompeii during the volcanic ash. It is considered safe to hike the Vesuvius. It is possible to trek to the mountain crater and once you finish, you would feel like you have landed on shallow of the moon.

Admire the art at Uffizi Gallery


If you are heading to Florence, you should definitely not miss visiting one of the popular art galleries in the universe. Uffizi Gallery is loaded with artworks of Italian famous artists like Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Michelangelo. All of their art works are displayed in one of the gorgeous houses in Italy that is Palazzo degli Uffizi. It is a must visit place for art lovers. The palazzo looks facing the huge Arno River.

Stand on the Balcony of Juliet

Verona is the place where you can find Juliet’s balcony. It is the character that is very famous in one of Shakespeare’s Uffizi Gallery in Italyplays- Romeo and Juliet. The Verona city purchased the home with the balcony in 1905 in order to make it as a tourist spot. But, the sad part is the characters in the play-Romeo and Juliet did not happen in real life. However, the balcony remains a popular spot in Italy. Several couples visit this spot to propose and express their love besides being the popular building.

Plan for a boat trip at the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most gorgeous spots to visit in Italy. If you want to experience enough in a small time, you need to consider taking a boat ride beside the shoreline. There are several companies offering boat rental services in this area. You can explore some of the best sights like the lofty Lattari Mountains, various lovely inlets and coves.

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