March 1, 2017
Image That Shows The Facade of The Five Start Hotel in Venice

TOP 5 Best five Star Hotels in Venice, Italy

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February 24, 2017

Planning A Trip To Italy? Read This First!

Trips to international destinations are always full of thrill and excitement. A new place, a new culture, food, etc. are very interesting. Proper planning is required to make every trip enjoyable. Right from the booking of tickets, everything has to be done with care. The slightest negligence in planning may spoil the entire trip. Instead, a well-planned itinerary will keep you on track and lets you enjoy each and every moment of your long awaited holidays. Italy, with a large number of tourist attractions, is the dream vacation destination of many. If you have never been to Italy and you are looking forward to going there for the first time on your next vacation, then here are a few things that will help you regarding how to travel, where to go there, what to see, etc. Plan according to the duration of the holidays If your vacation is a short one, then it’s best to start with the most famous places in Italy; Rome, Venice and Florence. You can cover most of the attractions in these three places within a week. Three days would be preferable to cover Rome, two for Florence and two for Venice. Of course, if you […]