Top 5 ancient wonders of Italy that you should plan for

Image of natural beauty of Italy
Make sure to admire the natural beauty of Italy
April 20, 2019
Stunning places that are a must-visit in Italy
Stunning places that are a must-visit in Italy
April 30, 2019
Image of ancient wonders of Italy

Italy is the birthplace of western civilization and a cultural superpower. Italy is a country blessed with elegant cities and Rome is the largest and the capital of Italy. There are many reasons to fall in love with Italy from masterpieces to shade wearing, scooter-driving to operatic pizzas. The famous segment of the Italian culture is its art, style, music and iconic food. The famous Ballet dance is originated in Italy. The official language is Italian and German. The currency here is Euro. The major dishes are pork, beef, seafood, potato, pasta and rice products. A lifetime is not sufficient enough for Rome, as they are many places to see. So it is better to choose what to see and leave the rest for next time.

Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Rome

Image of The Colosseum or Coliseum at sunriseColosseum: It is the most extraordinary of all Rome’s monuments. It is the largest and advanced amphitheater of the ancient world. Even today, it is considered as one of the architectural wonders of history. Colosseum structure is spread over six acres of land and is oval shaped. The Colosseum is the most admirable monument of all times with colossal arches, grand walkways and spectacular seating set up.

Palatine: The Palatine Hill is the centermost of Rome’s seven hills. It was the legendary first home of Romulus and Remus. Later it was chosen by the emperors and aristocrats for their luxurious villas. Palatine provides a spectacular view of Rome and gives to learn about the fascinating myths and history of Rome.

Frescoes: Frescoes in Palazzo Massimo alle Terme is the finest museum of Roman antiquities. This museum has a fantastic collection of Roman statues, amazing mosaics, collection of coins, colorful frescoes and ancient jewelry.
Pantheon: Pantheon is the best-preserved monument in Rome. It looks like the perfect giant dome from the insideImage of Mithraic temple but flattened from the outside. The original marble floor still remains in Pantheon.

Mithraic temple: Mithraic temple is the temple dedicated to the Indo-Iranian God Mithras, which is perhaps the most enigmatic. Mithraism was the cult which is popular with the ancient Roman military. According to its mythology, Mithras is a young handsome God was ordered to slay wild bull by the Sun. Mithraic temples are deep and dark. Basilica of saint clement is a large church in the Vatican City. This church is the residence for priests studying in Rome. It is called the greatest church in Christendom.

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