Make sure to admire the natural beauty of Italy

Natural Wonders In Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away
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April 16, 2019
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April 25, 2019
Image of natural beauty of Italy

Italy is a land of culture, food, fashion, wine and nature. The best natural wonders that people probably would visit in the country are wilds, mountains, rock towers, rivers and volcanoes. But there other incredible natural wonders to roam about in Italy that most people might miss out on their trip. Here, you will get to know about the natural beauty of Italy that you should not skip while you embark on a trip to the country.

Most Stunning Natural Wonders of  Italy

Inside Blue Grotto - nature landmark on south part of Malta islandBlue Grotto Sea Cave

The Blue Grotto Sea Cave is located on the coast of Capri island in Italy. The cave is 25 meters wide and 60 meters long. It is a hidden world of vibrant colors as the sunlight falls through the underwater holes providing a crystalline blue and silver reflections. As you traverse inside the cave, you will witness a sparkling cavern that you shouldn’t miss.

Dolomites Mountains

The Dolomites Mountains is a must visit if you have an infinity towards trekking and hiking. There are numerous hiking trails at the Sass Pordoi. Also, you can hike through the Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, which is located at the northwest of Trento. Besides these, there are many mesmerizing and stunning natural wonders in the Dolomites Mountains such as Lake Garda. You can hire a car to visit this region. Hiring a vehicle will help you take a tour of the places that you want to visit.

Botanical Garden of Trieste

The Botanical Garden of Trieste has numerous types of plants including textile, food, medical and marsh plants. The garden preserves, cultivates and produces wild flora and local horticultural varieties. As you embark to visit this garden, you can uncover the endemic wild flora. There are polystyrene plants and succulent plants as well that you Aeolian islands italy A panaromal view of lipari islandcan uncover. Furthermore, there are numerous collections of ornamental plants including hydrangea, Eranthis, Rosa, crocus and more.

Vulcano at Aeolian islands

Vulcano is a small volcanic island that is located in Aeolian islands at the north of Sicily in Italy. This volcanic island offers stunning and beautiful sights that extend beyond your imagination. There is a lovely black sand beach and many hot springs where you can indulge in a lot of activities. You can stroll and take a bath in the natural mud baths in this island. For instance, you can enjoy a bath in the Fanghi and climb the crater to reach the summit of the main volcano. You can also explore the Gran Cratere.

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