Visiting Italy? You shouldn’t miss these 7 wonders

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Inspiring Italian Style Home Décor Ideas
April 2, 2019
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April 16, 2019
7 Natural Wonders You Need to Discover in Italy

Italy is home to numerous historical places and mouth-watering cheesy delicacies. The country is a must-visit if you are a history buff who loves adoring ancient architecture. The country has an incredible and diverse landscape encompassing snowy peaks to tropical regions. While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is popular, there are many other natural wonders in Italy that not all are familiar with. Here are seven natural wonders of Italy that you shouldn’t miss out.

Seven Natural Wonders You Need to Discover in Italy

The arched bridge and the fjord at Fiordo di Furore on the Amalfi coast, Italy. Furore Fjord: Furore Fjord is a rare treat to the tourists. It features bright turquoise waters against the shores of a pebble beach along the Amalfi coast. The coastline is adorned with a string of houses of fishermen. A majority of the Furore Village is almost 300 meters above the water.

Gran Paradiso National Park: Gran Paradiso National Park gets its name after the Gran Paradiso mountain. It is located in the Graian Alps of northern Italy. There are striking valleys, glaciers, mountain lakes and alpine meadows.

It is home to fascinating wildlife and endangered species including Alpine Ibex, adorable chamois, playful red foxes and majestic eagle-owls. It is also the best place for cyclists to go on a ride.

Isola Vulcano: Isola Vulcano is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the southernmost island on the volcanic islands stretch, Aeolian archipelago. It is known for sulfuric fumaroles, and mud baths. Tourists can involve in activities such as scuba diving or sailing over here.

Cascate del Serio: Cascate del Serio is the highest waterfall located in Italy. It flows down the Seriana Valley only five times in a year and used to flow freely throughout the year and is the second-highest falls in the continent of Braies Lake in Dolomites mountains, Seekofel in background, Sudtirol, ItalyEurope.

Saturnia Thermal Springs: This is an ancient hot spring and an icon of Southern Tuscany. It is a chain of waterfalls cascaded into layers of white and blue limestone pools. The water is warm at 37.5 degrees Celsius and is rich in minerals. The water rushes up from the ground at 500 liters per second similar to a jacuzzi.

Grotto Azzurra: Grotto Azzurra is a part of a series of caves formed due to waves crashing against the cliff for centuries. It is the personal swimming hole of Emperor Tiberius. The waters are described to be as transparent as glass.

Lago di Braies: This is a true natural gem hidden by the Dolomites mountain range. In German, it is called Pragser Wildsee. This lake to transport camp prisoners during WWII. Tourists can enjoy popular activities such as skiing, hiking, and base jumping here during winter.

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