These are four natural wonders that are tucked away in Italy

7 Natural Wonders You Need to Discover in Italy
Visiting Italy? You shouldn’t miss these 7 wonders
April 12, 2019
Image of natural beauty of Italy
Make sure to admire the natural beauty of Italy
April 20, 2019
Natural Wonders In Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away

If you are looking forward to visiting Italy for your next vacation, then you should definitely experience these natural wonders that are hidden by nature. By visiting these places, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful vista and captivating landscape of the country in all its glory.

Natural Wonders In Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away

Image of Sasseto forest in Acquapendente, LazioSasseto forest in Acquapendente, Lazio

Sasseto forest is a very special one known as ‘the forest of the fairies’ or ‘the enchanted forest’. It is located in Acquapendente town in Viterbo province at the northern part of Lazio. It is a must-visit place if you want to get immersed in nature’s beauty. It looks mystical with dense and tangled flora crossed by elegant paths. It also includes the castle of Torre Alfina that was private and became open to the public recently. Above all, the forest and its vegetation are the attractions of this place.

Bagni di San Filippo, Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

Tuscany has a picture-perfect countryside but that’s not all! There is a multitude of natural hot springs that are ideal for day spas and thermal baths. Imagine the thrill of taking a hot bath surrounded by nature’s wilderness. Italy has natural pools in Saturnia and Petriolo and these are quite famous among the locals. If you want a more private place that is not accessible to the weekend crowds, then you should visit the hot springs at Bagni di San Filippo. It is characterized by calcareous sediments that result from the hot sulfurous water. It is up to you to bathe between pools carved in rocks or take a mud bath.

Frasassi Caves, Ancona, Le Marche

Le Marche is a beautiful region that is home to the stunning Frasassi Caves (Grotte di Frasassi) in Genga. TheseImage of San Nicola Arcella, Calabria caves stretch for 35 kms and are Europe’s largest underground cave systems. The caves have striking rock formations and you would surely be lost in the maze that was formed by mother nature. In this stretch of caves, ‘the Hall of Candles’ is quite stunning and could be your favorite in no time.

San Nicola Arcella, Calabria

Located in the Gulf of Policastro, San Nicola Arcella is a small Calabrian town situated in the Riviera of the Cedars. Lately, it has progressed to become a popular beach town. It is situated on a cliff that is 110 meters above sea level. There is a bay enclosed by a rocky arm at its foot. This gives it the shape of a natural harbor. It features an extraordinary natural arch called Arco Magno created probably by the carving of sea waters on a rock. It opens to a small beach that looks like a paradise. It could make up for a romantic and breathtaking spot in the country.

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