Why you should visit Italy?

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Italy is not ideal only for travelers who love to enjoy the best pasta, pizzas, and wines but also preferred by fashionistas and nature lovers. The wine and food in this country are extremely good. It is one of the main reasons to add Italy in the bucket list. The endless museums, pristine coastlines, snow-capped mountains, and the historic sites would assure that one trip is not enough.

List of reasons to visit Italy

Fall in love with Venice

You do not need to be an admirer of well-dressed flicks or a honeymooner to fall in affection with the romantic vibe of Venice. Being a colorful and canal filled town, Venice tempts you to take photos until the memory card in your camera becomes full. Its romantic and lovely gondola rides remain as one of the must-visit places in Italy. During the Carnevale, you can notice a large number of tourists exploring this destination. The locals wear colorful masks and costumes at the time of the festival season.

The city is popular because of several art galleries, theatres, cathedrals, and churches. Some of the main places to visit in Venice are the Grand Canal, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Torre dell’Orologio clock tower, Doge’s PalaceSt Mark’s Basilica, Napoleon’s Drawing Room or Piazza San Marco.

Hike along the Cinque Terre

Image of The Enchanting Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is also termed as Five Lands. It is one of the most gorgeous places to explore in Italy. It is worth admiring the beautiful vistas situated on the rough coastline of Sicily. The walking trails connect the five fishing villages. It is definitely a great idea to explore all. Cinque Terre has been announced as the UNESCO World Heritage Spot. The marine shoreline is protected and preserved to safeguard marine life because it has been there for centuries. It is the best place to add in your Italy travel bucket list.

Some of the main attractions of Cinque Terre are Riomaggiore village, Corniglia, Monterosso village, Manarola fishing village, and Vernazza fishing village.

Tasting 300 kinds of noodles

Several travelers plan to visit Italy just to enjoy the food alone. Well, it is obviously true and best idea to explore Italy for delicious food. The Italians serve more than 300 kinds of homemade, fresh pasta. You can get a chance to taste the best sauces and noodles in the world, it means you need to extend your trip and try all the delicacies of Italy.

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