Italy –Perfect Landscape To Host An Indian Wedding
February 9, 2018
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Planning A Trip To Italy?
March 21, 2018
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From the artistic beauty of Florence to the colorful Venice, Italy is an all round holiday package which you should visit at least once in a lifetime. It has got some lovely destinations where you can visit with your friends, family or spouse. It will be a fun filled trip that is the guarantee. The Holiday Spots in Italy that you cannot miss is a long list. We shall discuss about the destinations you must visit and which is the best season to visit the destination.

Tips To Plan a Holiday Trip To Venice, Italy

  • The new year knocks the door and it’s time to set some new life goals .Visit a new place in January and have the best time of your life. In January Florence is the place you should be in. The remarkable architecture and art work of this city will leave you spell bound. In January the weather is pretty good so you can soak in all the fun in the most comfortable way.
  • In February make a trip to Venice where you can have the most romantic time of your life. It will be chilly in the month of February, you can still enjoy the romantic evenings of the city with your better half. You can see the Dolomites on the horizon with its snow capped peak.
  • For the month of March, Sicily is the special place to make a visit. You can navigate the island with your family and spend some time on the road link. You can also visit Matera in this month as it has got some wonderful wine shops.
  • The Veneto is the city for the month of April. It is the home to classical buildings made by Palladio. It also has some of the greatest villas of all times that will give you a wonderful sightseeing opportunity.
    In the month of May, Capri has a wonderful weather to suit all your travel comfort. You can take a boat here and enjoy a peaceful ride on the water. This place has beautiful beaches and marks a very peaceful evening weather.
  • Umbria is the city to go in the month of June where you will find lots of colors around you. It attracts many pilgrims from around the world and has some of the best hotels and villas in the country. It has great sunflower gardens.
  • You can enjoy the horse race in Siena in the month of July Bring plenty of water with you before you come to the race course and you will have one of the best times of your life.
  • South Tyrol is the place for August where you have beautiful winter resorts. In September you can enjoy the lakes like Lake Garda, Como and Orta. You can visit one of the most seductive pace in Italy and that is Tuscany in the month of October. It has got sweet warm day ad cool evenings. In November visit Milan the place that houses all your favorite brands. December is the month for Rome which is the historic city of Italy with fabulous sightseeing options.

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