Wonders of Italy

April 16, 2019
Natural Wonders In Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away

These are four natural wonders that are tucked away in Italy

If you are looking forward to visiting Italy for your next vacation, then you should definitely experience these natural wonders that are hidden by nature. By visiting these places, you will definitely enjoy the beautiful vista and captivating landscape of the country in all its glory. Natural Wonders In Italy That Will Take Your Breath Away Sasseto forest in Acquapendente, Lazio Sasseto forest is a very special one known as ‘the forest of the fairies’ or ‘the enchanted forest’. It is located in Acquapendente town in Viterbo province at the northern part of Lazio. It is a must-visit place if you want to get immersed in nature’s beauty. It looks mystical with dense and tangled flora crossed by elegant paths. It also includes the castle of Torre Alfina that was private and became open to the public recently. Above all, the forest and its vegetation are the attractions of this place. Bagni di San Filippo, Val d’Orcia, Tuscany Tuscany has a picture-perfect countryside but that’s not all! There is a multitude of natural hot springs that are ideal for day spas and thermal baths. Imagine the thrill of taking a hot bath surrounded by nature’s wilderness. Italy has natural pools […]
April 12, 2019
7 Natural Wonders You Need to Discover in Italy

Visiting Italy? You shouldn’t miss these 7 wonders

Italy is home to numerous historical places and mouth-watering cheesy delicacies. The country is a must-visit if you are a history buff who loves adoring ancient architecture. The country has an incredible and diverse landscape encompassing snowy peaks to tropical regions. While the Leaning Tower of Pisa is popular, there are many other natural wonders in Italy that not all are familiar with. Here are seven natural wonders of Italy that you shouldn’t miss out. Seven Natural Wonders You Need to Discover in Italy Furore Fjord: Furore Fjord is a rare treat to the tourists. It features bright turquoise waters against the shores of a pebble beach along the Amalfi coast. The coastline is adorned with a string of houses of fishermen. A majority of the Furore Village is almost 300 meters above the water. Gran Paradiso National Park: Gran Paradiso National Park gets its name after the Gran Paradiso mountain. It is located in the Graian Alps of northern Italy. There are striking valleys, glaciers, mountain lakes and alpine meadows. It is home to fascinating wildlife and endangered species including Alpine Ibex, adorable chamois, playful red foxes and majestic eagle-owls. It is also the best place for cyclists to […]
April 2, 2019
Inspiring Italian Style Home Décor Ideas

Inspiring Italian Style Home Décor Ideas

Today interior designing is of greater importance as it helps to improve the look of your house. There are several décor styles and interior design ideas that you can follow to enhance the ambiance of your living space. Italian décor style is quite popular as it is known for luxury and elegance. People prefer similar home décor style to offer a grand look to their house. Here you would come to know about the importance of Italian style home decors and some inspiring Italian home décor ideas. Reasons For the Popularity Of Italian Styles Home Décor It is astonishing to know that the Italian style of home decors are popular. This is because of its elegance and gorgeous look. , and their works reflect some of the following Italian home décor ideas. The luxury of the Italian style interior designing has attracted people all over the world. Every element of the interior is layered in luxury, and that makes this home décor style special and unique. The use of high-quality materials and the exceptional finish make the Italian interiors exquisite. Italian interiors are known for their elegance. This style follows the principle of minimalistic approach which limits the use of […]
February 28, 2019
Image of Bride and Groom Prays in Their Wedding

Best places to marry in Italy

If you have decided to get married in a dreamy destination like Italy, then you need to select the best location to organize your wedding party. Italy has dozens of romantic destinations to select from and it is really hard to pick the perfect destination for beginning your life together. Places to get married in Italy Villa Del Balbianello in Como Lake No matter, you want a romantic kind or a Hollywood style of the wedding party, Lake Como is one of the top wedding destinations in Italy. Moreover, Villa Del Balbianello is the most romantic and gorgeous villa where you can organize your dream wedding party. The main attraction of the villa is the picturesque terraced garden directed by the beautiful Loggia with arches that stands on the top edge of the promontory. The bride and groom and also their guests could embrace dusk lights. The villa can be accessed by private boating facility on the picturesque dockside of the villa. You can see the charm and elegance of the villa even in some popular movies such as OO7-Casino Royale and Guerre Stellari.   Capri Island It is said to be a legendary island with unspoiled beauty and charm. […]
January 5, 2019
Image of Happy Bride and Groom came out from wedding venue

Best Italian Villas for Picturesque Destination Wedding

Villa Sola Cabiati in Lake Como It was the former summer house of Serbelloni Dukes, which it has been owned since the 1500s. At present, the villa is now open for Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s guests. It is a hotel and resort located close by. The couples can occupy the villa for any purpose from photoshoot to romantic dinner or a wedding party. It can be used for a single day, three nights or even for a week. It is possible to book this gorgeous villa as per your convenience. If you are taking the villa for long rentals, you can use six suites in the house for the bridal or family party or for your own purpose.  Once you occupy this place, you can feel the history and traditions all around the region. The lovely marbled balconies, elaborate Italian gardens, and neoclassical architecture are some of the gorgeous setups remains ideal for your outdoor functions. The steps of the villa remain as the grand entrance for the wedding occasion. Villa La Massa in Florence You do not have to purchase Villa La Massa to organize your wedding function there. This villa has around 37 rooms and divided into three private […]